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Our company provides comprehensive transportation services according to the requirements of our customers. We transport goods in our own trucks or through our contractual carriers. Any transport is coordinated by a team of experienced dispatchers in international and domestic transport. We are able to realize transportation in the Czech Republic, across the EU, especially Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Romania and the like. All vehicles are equipped with a sophisticated telemetry system for the online tracking of movement and the parameters of the transport carried out in this way.

The prevailing modification of our fleet is the tractor and trailer vehicle combination. For transport, we use the most advanced transport technology from the world's leading manufacturers of trucks, VOLVO and MERCEDES BENZ, meeting the strict emission limits of EURO 6 and EURO 5 EEV.

In the trailer equipment area, we use curtainsider flatbed semi-trailers that are equipped for all transport requirements. Therefore, all of our trailers are equipped with a three-sided folding canvas, side clamping tarpaulin straps, prism groove flooring ("Coil mulde"), a fixed rear gate and especially the extension of the width of the loading area to 2,550 mm with the possibility of an expandable rear portal. The bulk of the trailer is also in a "light" design with a lower unladen weight, enabling greater loading weights of up to 26 tons of transported goods. This flexible equipment of our trailers enables the transportation of steel coils, iron sheets and cuts, shafts, pallet goods, piece profiles, pipes and other goods, according to customer requirements. The semi-trailers are equipped with a sufficient amount of clamping elements and locking means for the maximum securing of the transported loads.

We also operate a special semitrailer technology, which contains all the specifics in the preceding paragraphs and, moreover, is able to load forgings of a width of up to 3,200 mm. These trailers are equipped with their own hydraulic tilting floor which means that the goods are transported in a tilted position diagonally under the tarpaulin. These shipments do not require any additional, often very expensive permits for oversized shipments.

Another part of our dispatching is a team of dispatchers specializing in small tonnage and cargo transport. Requirements of this nature are executed by separate platform vehicles mostly equipped with a hydraulic platform. The group of delivery vehicles for express delivery are included in this group.