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FBT logistics, s.r.o

The company FBT Logistics, s.r.o. was founded at the turn of the year 2015/2016, by renaming the original transportation company JUROTRANS spol. s r.o., whose history and creation reaches back to 1996. After nearly twenty years of hard and honest work of all employees, the company, from a motor transport company with one Avia A 31L vehicle, became a transport partner of many manufacturing and trading companies, ranging from small private businesses to companies with global or European relevance. The company credo is reliability and quality, long-term business relations and partnerships.  

The first change in the structure of the property relationships of the shares came in 2012, when the buyout of its part was offered by a business representative of the company FB Trading, s.r.o., which at that time was already the largest and most important trading partner of our transport company. This started the transformation into a strong service company with a good reputation and quality services.

The climax of this transformation was the changing of the company's name at the turn of the year 2015/2016 to its current name FBT logistics, s.r.o..

Today, the company is not only a service logistics company for the company FB Trading, s.r.o., but also remains a strong transport partner for other customers as well as new clients.

The scope of the provided services of the company begins with individual consignments and transport by solo vehicles to comprehensive truck transport throughout Europe. The same credo of the company and its employees, namely reliability and quality, remains after the name change. All vehicles comply with existing emission limits. The bulk of the vehicle fleet complies with EURO 6 or EURO 5 EEV norms.

The specialization of the company is: